Heavy Duty Towing Service

Towing Heavy Duty Loads

Towing is a very diverse service these days and it’s offered in different variants suitable for the needs of people with differently sized vehicles. If you ever need heavy duty towing in Chicago, for example, you can easily call a company that specializes in this type of towing (or at least provides it along with their other towing services).

Heavy Duty Towing Chicago Illinois

Heavy Duty Towing Truck from Chicago Illinois

It’s important to realize the differences between heavy duty towing and its light/medium duty variants though, in order to be sure that you’re hiring the right service. Heavy duty towing can be more expensive than its other counterparts, and it can also present more work to the professionals doing the job – so make sure you actually need it.

In most cases the difference between heavy duty and light duty towing is decided by the weight of the vehicle that needs assistance (though there are some exceptions, for example oversized vehicles). When you need heavy duty towing in Illinois, the company would typically send a large truck capable of pulling a heavyweight vehicle easily and with the proper security measurements.

Safety is actually the most important aspect of heavy duty towing, because while it’s possible to tow a heavy vehicle with a smaller, lighter truck, it wouldn’t be a very safe procedure and there would be a high risk of something going wrong in the transportation.

That’s why you need to trust HD Towing for your heavy duty tow service needs. We’re aware of all the inherent difficulties in pulling off a job of this type properly, and we know what it takes to get it done safely and quickly so that you can return back to your ordinary routine as fast as possible. Not only do we respond to your calls immediately, but we’ll also take all the important steps to ensure that your vehicle is towed with care and following the correct guidelines.

Heavy Duty Towing Application

HD Towing is particularly useful for those who need to tow more specialized vehicles, like a sports car. This usually requires a flatbed truck to accommodate for the lower suspension, and even though some other companies on the market can provide that too nowadays, we’re among the only ones who also know how to safely strap in your expensive car to prevent it from falling off or otherwise getting damaged in transportation!

Heavy Duty Towing Chicago

Heavy Duty Towing Truck Team

Vehicle damage occurs more often than you’d like to believe when you decide to trust a less-than-professional company for heavy duty towing – there are many precautions that have to be taken to ensure the safety of the vehicle, yet some of the cheaper companies on the market tend to disregard those in order to make their jobs easier. We know how much your vehicle means to you – and not just in financial terms – and we’ll take care of it as if it were our own, without allowing any sort of damage to occur to it!

Some of our competitors who offer heavy duty towing in Illinois and Chicago also miss one more important bit of the whole process – ongoing monitoring of the vehicle. Safe towing regulations require that the vehicle is carefully monitored throughout the whole towing process and not just when it’s being loaded onto the truck. Various things can go wrong during transportation if the vehicle is left unattended, and our responsible workers will ensure that they keep a close eye on the process from start to finish, observing the vehicle from all sides.

Heavy Duty Towing and Our Approach

Our staff knows where the most common problems tend to occur during a standard towing procedure, and they know how to spread their attention across all of those aspects of the heavy duty towing in order to ensure that it pulls through properly.

Heavy Duty Towing Trucks Chicago Illinois

Our Two Heavy Duty Tow Trucks for Chicago, IL

And if you need to hire heavy duty towing for something more complicated and demanding – say, a large vehicle like a truck – don’t hesitate to give us a call as well! HD Towing is equipped with all the necessary technology to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely and properly.

We’ll do the job perfectly from start to finish – from picking the appropriate towing truck to handle it with, through strapping it in securely and overseeing the transportation, to finally unloading it safely at its intended destination. You’ll have the choice to accompany your vehicle throughout the transportation procedure if you have any worries regarding the safety of your vehicle, too.

So make sure you’re spending your money on something that’s actually worth it – at HD Towing, we know what it takes to pull of a towing job properly, so trust the experts if you value your money!