Heavy Duty Towing Chicago Illinois Towing Service

We here at Heavy Duty Wrecker Towing Service Inc, a part of Illinois Towing Service, stride for excellent service every day to help our customers. We’ve been towing since 1986. We’ve been helping the fine people of Chicago & north shore of Illinois. We look toward to help you or your family & friends. If your car or Truck brakes down or just need road service we’ll be there any time of the day or night just give us a call we want to make you a part of our growing family. We at Heavy Duty Towing service Inc take pride in what do or tow. From a small car to large trucks we do it all – give us a call and we’ll be there in almost no time.

Heavy Duty Towing and Other Service Pricing

If you are looking for towing service please call us and we will route your call to a towing service representative in your area. Make sure to ask about our online specials and current discounts and promotions for towing service by letting us know you visited our website when you call. You can view standard towing service pricing to get an idea of pricing outside of specials. For quickest towing service response call the number in the upper right hand corner of the website.

Heavy Duty Wrecker Towing Chicago

Do you need heavy duty wrecker towing for a fully loaded or empty semi trailer, tractor trailer, R.V. (Recreational Vehicle), heavy machinery or do you need roadside assistance for your heavy duty or medium duty vehicle? We have the right heavy duty wrecker towing equipment to help get you out of any just about any situation. Heavy Duty Wrecker Towing is something that takes skill, experience, and requires the ability to adapt to any situation, our staff is hand-picked by the owner to ensure that all of us excel in each of these heavy duty towing qualifications. We have plenty of heavy duty wrecker towing pictures in our gallery showing just a handfull of the heavy duty wrecker towing calls we have made in the past years. Call right now for a free heavy duty wrecker towing quote!

Roadside Assistance

We can handle any flat tire and bring you out a new one and replace your tire, also we have batteries in stock for just about every car if a jump start or battery services do not help. Did you happen to lock your keys in your car? We have the right tools to open any car without any damage to the interior or exterior of your vehicle like a police issued opener. Quality is our pride, and we will give you nothing less then perfect roadside assistance service. No matter your need for roadside assistance rest assured that Heavy Duty Towing Chicago Illinois and the Heavy Duty Wrecker Towing Chicago team will help make a bad situation less stressful and help get you on your way. Call us now to get speak to a roadside assistance representative!